Fall 2018 - classes begin September 17

*schedule may change due to late harvest*

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Classes held at the Vegreville Holistic Centre - 4927 51 Avenue


Daytime Class $140 for 10 classes (no expiry)

Evening Class $150 for 10 classes (no expiry)

Hot Yoga Class $160 for 10 classes (no expiry)

Props available at the studio!  Feel free to bring your own - strap, bolsters, mat, block, water bottle, blanket, or other props!  

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Yin/Yang Fusion Yin yoga is a long hold practice that allows us to go deeper into poses, to work with energy channels in a similar way that Chinese medicine and acupuncture do, as well as being a quieter practice that helps us to observe our thoughts and quiet our minds. The yang portion of the class is a vinyasa or flow practice incorporating sun salutations to strengthen, tone and stretch our muscles.


Darcie - Friday's biweekly

Restorative Yoga class with certified teacher, Darcie S! Come try her bi-weekly restorative yoga classes - ahhhhhhhh lovely way to end the week. Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing practice. This is a supported yoga practice that uses props to hold you in poses. It provides you with an opportunity to relax and just 'be’.

Check out her schedule and website at